As per tradition

There is a company in Basilicata in the heart of southern Italy:

Biopasta srl.

The Biopasta family has a strong passion for revisiting ancient recipes, developing the best recipes with which to make our delicious pasta.

We go in search of the best organic semolina present in southern Italy, organic and the short supply chain is the perfect combination for the creation of our very high quality products.

To collaborate with us you must be a nature lover and respectful of the earth and the world in which we live.

The expert hands of our master pasta makers manage to transform our fine semolina, combined with water from our best sources, into an excellent pasta with which our customers will create dishes that make them dream.

Our kind and efficient staff will be at your disposal to find together the dry or fresh pasta format that is right for you.

Our production lines are ready to satisfy your every need from the creation of customized formats to private labels.

There is a pasta in Italy that will become your favorite: Biopasta.

Dried, fresh or box ready

Discover our products, all strictly organic and artisanal. Nice ready boxes you can also find organic sauces for flavor combinations.

The flavor of real Lucanian organic pasta

The "Biopasta SrL" company was founded in the Tito Industrial Area way back in 2001.

From the beginning we wanted to reevaluate and support the tradition of Lucanian pasta while at the same time embracing the ideal of the "Organic Product par excellence".

All this while always trying to preserve the taste of a product made with simple ingredients: water and organic durum wheat semolina.

To do this, production is entirely artisanal and we only make use of qualified personnel with the same patience and passion as the master pasta makers of the time.

Making pasta is a family passion for us: by visiting our laboratory you will be able to verify that alongside our collaborators we are always there to personally follow all the various production phases.

Furthermore, Biopasta is always open to collaboration with new companies to create innovative, excellent quality products; for this reason we are also prepared for Private Label processing.

  • Organic

  • Lucana

  • Quality

We are in Tito Scalo

Via E.De Nicola, 38